The Advanced Services You Can Expect

When it comes to architectural design and installation, quality service is the mark of advancing a project to notability.  At Advanced Glass & Metal, we are pro-active and take every effort to provide the services you expect from a top-caliber architectural building envelope contractor.  Some of the services we offer include:

When it comes to building envelopes and interior fit-outs, we understand the importance of accurate shop drawings for coordinating among multiple contractors.  That's why we provide detailed Shop Drawings throughout your project.  All our shop drawings include:

  • Floorplans and elevations
  • Architectural details depicting:
    • Neighboring conditions
    • Required clearances
    • Anchoring requirements
  • Glazing and metal finish schedules

Many architectural glazing and metal solutions often require architectural testing for the building to pass inspection or receive a certification.  Whether you need testing performed on a mockup or the installation itself, our team is well-versed in the testing process and paperwork requirements.

Testing Services including:

  • Air, Water, and Structural testing in the field, on a mockup, or in a lab
  • Fire-rating testing
  • Acoustical Performance testing 
  • Seismic testing

Testing Certifications for products rated for:

  • Blast
  • Fire
  • Impact
  • Thermal properties

No matter the need, our team can help identify and fulfill the architectural testing requirements for your building envelope project.

At Advanced Glass & Metal, we aim to make the submittal process as seamless as can be. If required by specification, we can provide:

  • Architectural Shop Drawings
  • Material Data
  • Product Data
  • Glass Samples
  • Finish Samples
  • Mullion/Framing Samples
  • Sealant Samples
  • Product Certifications
  • Sample Manufacturer Warranties
  • LEED documentation for composition of materials, source of raw materials and assembled products
  • Engineering Calcs, Engineering Stamps

When it comes to energy savings and LEED credits, Advanced Glass & Metal can help provide the submittals needed to certify for credits on your LEED project:

  • Energy & Atmosphere

    • Drawings, operational documentation, and certications/specifications confirming transmittance properties for Interior Lighting / Shielding credit
    • Product specifications certifying U-values, transmittance properties, and additional solar heat gain coefficient related properties of assembled windows, curtainwalls, skylights, or entrances for Energy Performance rating credits
    • Drawings, operational documentation, and certifications/specifications confirming energy properties of solar energy panels/systems for On-Site Renewable Energy and Green Power credits
  • Materials & Resources

    • Manufacturer and product documentation needed for Recycled Content and Regional Materials credits
  • Indoor Environmental Quality

    • Manufacturer and product documentation needed for Low-Emitting Materials-Adhesives and Sealants credits
    • Supplemental Daylight and Views Calculations for Daylight and Views-Daylight credits

When it comes to building envelopes, full-size mockups can be fundamental in helping architects and engineers fully visualize the energy saving capacity and acoustical properties of the building shell.  

Pre-construction mockups for both exterior and interior components are becoming industry standard procedure.  The mockup gives designers, contractors, and building or company owners the opportunity to assess a three-dimensional representation of a design, so that functionality, aesthetics, and quality can be evaluated down to the smallest detail. 

With a mock-up, the project team is able to foresee problems and solve them before they happen on a large scale. Doing mock-ups may reduce punch list items and callbacks, which saves the company and the clients time, money, and potential for conflict.