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From services to products offered, Advanced Glass & Metal provide the quality found nowhere else.
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Advanced Glass & Metal is the most diverse in architectural glazing and building envelope solutions.

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The Clear Choice For Quality

Advanced Glass & Metal specializes in providing first-class services and high-quality architectual products. Our range of products is among Lehigh Valley’s most diverse in architectural glazing and building envelope solutions. No matter the size or budget of your project, we can provide a full array of products and services to meet your needs.


When it comes to building envelopes and interior fit-outs, we understand the importance of accurate drawings for coordinating among multiple contractors. That’s why we provide detailed Shop Drawings throughout your project.


Many architectural glazing and metal solutions often require architectural testing for the building to pass inspection or receive a certification. Our team is well-versed in the testing process and paperwork requirements.


At Advanced Glass & Metal, we aim to make the submittal process as seamless as can be. If required by specification, we can provide drawings, data, samples, certifications, LEED documentation, and more.


When it comes to building envelopes, full-size mockups can be fundamental in helping architects and engineers fully visualize the energy saving capacity and acoustical properties of the building shell.
Do you have a construction project that requires our glazing expertise? Submit your request online with a minimum of 72 hours notice. At their discretion, Advanced Glass and Metal may waive your request for a bid. Get started by filling out our form, and we’ll have a representative reach out to you!

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Some of the many products we can furnish & install include:

Unitized, Standard, and Custom Curtain Walls

Aluminum and Metal Clad Storefronts

All Glass Entrances & Partitions

Skylights (Dome, Barrel Vault, Operable)

Sunshades, Integral Blinds, and Solar Controls

Metal Paneling & Rain Screens

Glass Railings & Glass Stairs

Operable/Fixed and Historical Windows

Hurricane/Impact Resistant and Fire-rated Solutions

Past Projects